This is a website assessment for Community Life Church of Lenexa, KS, at, prepared free by Brave New Church. The purpose is to help local churches promote themselves online.


Community Life Church is built using E-zekial and ASP probably makes it confusing. The 2010 copyright means it's not the newest version, I assume, which makes sense with regards to mobile-friendliness.


This website is not mobile-friendly, which means it's losing out on Google ranking and difficult for church seekers to find and see. Here's what the Google Test says about Community Life: 

  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Viewport not set
  • Text too small to read
  • Content wider than screen

If people do stumble across the website on a mobile device, it's not a great experience, which translates to not coming to see what the experience is like in person.

Other Concerns

The current meeting place is on Vista in Shawnee, but I found the church on Maps in Lenexa. The map on the website should be interactive and tied to Google Maps' official location.

The Current Series seems to be something from January of 2016, making it a year old. However, with December of 2016 sermons next, maybe it's supposed to say January 2017? I am not sure.

The opportunity to have news or updates is lost, even though this is a content management system. Write some articles.

More than likely, if E-zekial is still in business, a new template can be used to fix the mobile-friendly issue, and then it's just a few updates to make the website much more usable.